Alice Johnson Stained Glass

A year in New England

Six panels depicting a year in New England are installed in front of existing sash in the music room of a harpsichord-builder. As he and his wife both play continuo instruments, the panels are united by the bass-line from Marin Marais’ Allemande from Suite in D major, Book 3, etched in the background glass. With good eyesight and lighting conditions, they could actually play the whole piece from their windows.

A Year in
New England


WINTER - fir tree, barred owl, and chickadees
Late Summer
LATE SUMMER - bunchberry, evening primrose,
Canada lily, and bellflower, with a monarch butterfly.


Each panel
33" wide x 14" high

Interior photo by
Hendrik Broekman

SPRING - hepatica, pink lady’s slipper, trout lily,
painted trillium, and a mourning cloak butterfly.

Early Fall
EARLY FALL - blanket flower, daisy, goldenrod, aster.

Early Summer
EARLY SUMMER - dandelion, wild strawberry,
blue flag, and wild rose.
Late Fall
LATE FALL - aster, maple, beech, and a blue jay.

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