Living with stained glass

Stained glass is a beautiful and lively art form, somewhere in between art and craft, between painting and carpentry. The material itself, hand-blown glass, is spectacular -- every sheet different because hand-made, in an immense array of colors, and changing as light changes and as the viewer moves. It's a pleasure to live with, day after day, because it never looks quite the same, and it may reveal new beauties quite unexpectedly.

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Living with stained glass

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Though I've made many large windows and learned the techniques of the traditional glass-painter, I really love to make smaller stained glass panels for people to live with in their homes. I use "raw" glass -- i.e. unpainted -- as much as possible, so that the qualities of the glass itself have full play. This requires careful design, a very large stock of glass to choose from, and exacting construction.

Most of my designs "break the boundaries" in one way or another. An image may overlap the border, break through the edge of the panel, or even violate the limits of good taste. It all depends . . . it has to be fun and hold some surprises or it isn't worth doing!

I do two kinds of work:

1  Small, independent panels intended to be hung in a window, as you would hang a picture on a wall. You can fall in love with one, take it home, and move it around the house to see it in various settings and slants of light. The subjects are of my choosing and vary widely, though they tend to be based on history, legend, or the natural world.

2  I also work with clients who want stained glass for a particular place in their homes -- for example, in a window facing an uninteresting view, or where some privacy is needed. Such commissions take time because we have to do a lot of talking (and I do a lot of listening) before it becomes clear what character the glass must have to suit the location and bring beauty to the space. Larger windows require special attention to details of support and installation. The challenges are all part of the job.

I hope you enjoy this sampling of my work. Please contact me if you're interested in bringing stained glass into your life!